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Austrian brand that sells fashionable items from the prêt-à-porter market.

Firusas Fashion E-commerce Design & Development

Firusas is a fashion store chain in the Austrian capital, Vienna. The company with extensive and long-term development plans needed to refresh the existing brand. Having improved the brand details, we started to develop an exclusive e-commerce platform.

E-commerce website development

The main steps in brand visualisation were the analysis of Austrian and worldwide e-commerce competitors (ASOS, Farfetch, Bambini Fashion, Zelando etc.), website pages prototyping, first concept design and photo shooting styling advisory.

Website development

We needed to build customer oriented and user-friendly items list and product page. One of the latest studies in the UX domain from Baymard Institute shares the importance of usage of an accordion layout elements for e-commerce (by clicking on the field, it is vertically unwrapping — see product details on the product page). We used this data collected from A/B testing of thousands of e-commerce users from Amazon, Walmart, 6pm and others. However, accordion styling is connected with light and clean design of the whole website, rolling with the style of the home page and catalogue.

Ecommerce website development

We were able to reflect different states of one page because of the quality content given. We needed to work on all the content levels to be sure that the human factor will not affect content management and layout visuals in the future.

How to make an e-commerce website

The website blog plays a critical role in marketing management. You have more chances of getting website visitors being a magazine, not a set of props articles. That means HTML/CSS developers needed to work hard and prepare variations of styles while the coders were developing easy-to-use blocks for copywriting management. There are two different formatting methods of blog columns on the FIRUSAS layout.

Direct marketing sales from the blog post are also possible.

Online e-commerce web shop from scratch

FIRUSAS is the multi-brand online platform for fashionable items where each brand has its size chart. We combined various size charts into the only one. Here, all the different metrics convert into one. User doesn’t get tired of many size charts and information on their usage. This solution suits both customer and administration.

Responsive layout for ecommerce

Most of the customers regularly use mobile and tablet gadgets, and we are passionate about mobile interfaces as well as about desktop ones. The webshop on mobile devices is easy-to-use and motivates to buy more and more.

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