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Buddha Pizza

Buddha Pizza

Emotional branding for unusual pizza delivery

Emotional branding for pizza delivery Buddhapizza

The client came to us with delivery problems. He often got cold, burnt, upside down pizza made from cheap products. To change the situation, he decided to create a new pizza delivery. With such an ambitious plan, it should be 'new' absolutely in everything, including the branding we have created, and then the promotional website.


In the beginning, we proposed different versions of the project name. The client had also a number of ideas, one of which, Buddha Pizza, has won. The idea of the name is to go against the stream, not to be like anyone, offer the consumer something new, become an eyecatcher, raise questions and be different. That’s how the concept of a slice of pizza with an eye was born.

pizza and all-seeing eye logo food delivery Buddha Pizza | Solar Digital Buddha
Promo materials

We have worked in details all the elements of corporate identity needed for the pizza delivery: the appearance of social network pages, several options for boxes, labels, packaging. An additional feature of the project was a coin: a real solid metal coin that a client can receive for a large order. Coins are so popular with customers that most of them keep them as a souvenir instead of exchanging for free pizza.

packaging design pizza box and all-seeing eye food delivery Buddha Pizza | Solar Digital Buddha

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meetings with the client

I remember when I asked the guys, “are you a customer-oriented company?” The guys answered - “of course !!” As it turned out, these are not empty words! For the first time in many years, I met real professionals. The next project I do with them for sure!

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